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If you are a constant web surfer, then you might have come across some articles or news about buckyballs. If you are wondering what bucky balls are, they are just small magnetic balls that stick to one another when brought together. They have high magnetic force of attraction and the force of attraction does not fade with time, as they are made from rare earth magnets. One of the most common uses of buckyballs is to use it as a science kit toy.

Bucky balls are the best science kit toy that you can gift your kids. The best thing about buckyballs is that they can be used to make any kind of structures and shapes, as there are no rules or instructions. You can practically let run your kid’s imagination wild, if you choose to gift them magnetic ball toys like buckyballs. However, never bestow these magnetic balls upon kids below the teenage years, as there is high chance that they might swallow these balls accidentally. Swallowing bucky balls may cause serious health issues. So, you need to be careful with it.

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Since you need to use your own imagination for making different structures with bucky balls, playing with science kit bucky balls toy will greatly help in boosting the brain cell activity. Some people even use the science kit toy for teaching kids geometry, by letting them make geometric shapes by using magnetic balls in the science kit. One of the well-known uses of magnetic balls is that they act as stress-busters. Since you need to really concentrate on what you are doing while working with bucky balls, it will help in forgetting stress. Playing with bucky balls also helps in increasing the concentration of the person.

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Get KlikyBalls

KlikyBalls are a type of bucky balls and can be used for boosting brain cell activity and to reduce stress. One of the best features of science kit toy from KlikyBalls is that they are made from high quality neodymium magnets, so that their magnetic force does not fade over time. A single set of KlikyBalls contain about 216 magnetic balls. The best thing about KlikyBalls is that they have high force of attraction; it has been proved that a single magnetic ball can hold the weight of all the remaining 215 magnetic balls.

If you are looking for a science kit toy for your kid, there is no better choice than KlikyBalls.

KlikyBalls – The Most Effective Stress Relief Toy

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KlikyBalls provides excellent opportunity for you to escape from your everyday worries and boring mundane life. You can totally forget whatever is bugging you and focus all your attention to express your creativity. This way you have many opportunities to let loose your imagination to create amazing and beautiful structures using these bucky balls.

In case you are feeling stressed out, feeling low or emotional, then there are various available ways to expunge your downcast mood. There are games or toys available that can come handy in distracting you and taking your mind of pressure and stressful situations. KlikyBalls magnetic bucky balls desk toy has the capability to make your stress disappear. These magnetic bucky balls are like stress balls when it comes to mitigating stress. Actually, these bucky balls are far better because apart from stress relief, you are also creating beautiful structures, shapes or patterns. You can arrange these magnetic bucky balls to create any shape or design you feel like. There are 216 tiny magnetic bucky balls at your disposal to build your masterful sculpture. There is no restriction whatsoever, because you have the absolute freedom to create any structure conceived by your brain.

KlikyBalls Desk toy

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When you are worried about a project deadline, presentation, or something really important, you require something to distract your mind so as to stay calm and think straight. Stress has the potential to severely affect your creativity and proper train of thoughts. If you are overwhelmed by stress, your usual ability to think things in a rational way can also be impaired. In a stressed out mind, emotions can run havoc and you can easily make mistakes or worse through tantrums. Stress can not only affect your office life, it can also affect your personal life too. Some people tend to carry their work stress to home and this can create tensions in your personal life. KlikyBalls act as one of the best stress busters relieving your stress.

The concept is simple, yet ingenious. Just imagine, these are just simple magnetic bucky balls, but with the amazing potential to create magic when you channelize your creative potential through this toy. For connoisseurs of complex puzzles, complex geometrical shapes can be created through some logical steps.

In short, there are infinite possibilities with these 216 bucky balls. They are better than Lego constructions toys as there are no interlocking between the pieces. You can build a beautiful sculpture, or relieve your work stress using KlikyBalls magnetic desk toy. To enjoy this toy, all you got to do is purchase KlikyBalls Magnetic spheres.

Magnetic Spheres To Help You Make Different Geometric Shapes And Structures

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It is fun to play with magnetic spheres as they help in making different shapes and structures. They stick together very well since they are made of the strongest rare earth metals called the neodymium magnets. They are called Bucky balls and each set consists of about 215 magnetic spheres. This is one of the best science toys to play with during your leisure hours.

Science toys not only are useful to play, but have many scientific uses and hence the name. They are great toys that help in calming down the nerves of people. Every adult who works in an office goes through tremendous amount of stress, which later leads to depression if not treated in a proper way.

Bucky balls are one of the best science toys that can be used in the form of a stress buster. This is the best way to relieve your body from stress by making different shapes with these science toys. It is also one of the best ways to socialize with your colleagues by inviting them to play with these science toys during their free time in the office. You can include this activity as a part of team bonding and eventually encourage the team to work together.

Children love to play with construction toys like Lego. These science toys are similar to Lego that let them make different geometrical shapes. This helps them learn different geometrical shapes as well, such as construction, the theory behind it and many more. Eventually the kid will perform very well during school assessments. Since these toys are not safe for small kids, the parents need to guide them while they play with these science toys.

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There are different types of Bucky balls out there in the market; one of them is the Klikyballs. Each set consists of 216 magnetic balls made from neodymium. Finally, you have something to fidget with while travelling long distances. It is the best way to improve our IQ and other characteristics like logical reasoning, facial recognition and more.

These science toys help in managing mood swings. Whenever you are down, consider playing with Klikyballs, it will help to elevate your mood. You will be all the more happy after playing with Klikyballs. This is the reason why people use them as a stress buster. Klikyballs are available in different colors like red, yellow, green, blue and many more that add more fun while playing.

The Best Instant Stress Reliever Available Now

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Most of us go through hectic office hours filled with stress on a daily basis. It is indeed an ongoing process. The best way to unwind ourselves is to be back at home to be with our family or hang around with our friends. Unfortunately, stress can affect us so badly that we might get annoyed for silly reasons when we are with our dear ones. We would prefer to resort to effective stress relieving methods like listening to music or movie watching during such moments. At times, these stress relieving measures can also be boring. This is where we can see the significance of the magnetic balls. Read along to know more about the advantages of playing with the unique magnetic balls.

Benefits of magnetic balls

We can see that magnetic balls are compact toys that prove to be one of best and instant stress relievers. You can use the magnetic balls to create several interesting designs. A new pattern will emerge at the end of every design you create with the magnetic balls. The magnetic balls have two poles. One pole will attract and the other one will repel. It is due to this magnetic property that we are able to quickly detach and attach the magnetic spheres to form countless shapes. We will be able to improve our brain functions in a significant manner with the aid of these balls. Regular usage of the magnetic spheres will enable us to increase our concentration, enhance our analytical skills and improve our reasoning skills. Therefore, we can see that stress and worries will not affect our minds when these magnetic balls are around. On the other hand, we can enjoy our leisure times and make our working hours more productive. This is one reason why the cute magnetic spheres are touted as the best among desktop toys that can be used at our work place to eliminate stress and tensions.

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Nowadays, KlikyBalls are believed to be a unique desktop toy that helps us to get rid of work pressure. KlikyBalls are available in different attractive colors. We can use these magnetic toys to decorate our office desk and office walls. A pack of KlikyBalls can make a beautiful gift for our dear ones. They will be happy to get the unique and instant stress buster toy. Imagination and creativity will increase when we play with KlikyBalls. The fun is unlimited when we use KlikyBalls. Get a set of these marvelous magnetic toys at the earliest. Eliminate stress and enjoy your leisure times!

Compact And Cute Desktop Toy For Instant Stress Relief

Bucky Balls

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Are you in pursuit of a compact and cute desktop toy that can provide you with instant stress relief? Then a pack of bucky balls will prove to be the best option for you. You can see that bucky balls are magnetic spheres that can be twisted, arranged and molded into numerous interesting shapes. This is made possible by the two magnetic poles in every sphere of bucky balls. One pole will attract and the other one will repel.

One of the major advantages of using bucky balls is that there will always be new patterns at the end of every design that you create. This provides unlimited entertainment and you cannot simply put away the unique desktop toy. Read along to know more about the benefits of playing with these magnetic balls.

Compact desktop toy

The unique set of desktop toy can also be used to decorate your office desk and the walls of your office. You can create various interesting designs with bucky balls and put it on your office table or simply hang it on the office wall. Bucky balls are available in many attractive colors. You can find them in golden, silver and metallic black colors. You can play with the desktop toy and enjoy your leisure times. Frequent usage of the magnetic toy will enable you to increase your cognitive capabilities. You will be able to enhance your analytical skills, reasoning abilities and concentration when you play with bucky balls. This will in turn help you to make your office hours more productive than ever before.

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Bucky Balls Are The Best Desktop Toys

A set of the attractive magnetic spheres will also prove to be a great birthday gift for your dear friends. They will certainly be glad to receive such a special and beneficial desktop toy from you. KlikyBalls are very similar to bucky balls and is a popular brand of desktop toy nowadays. The below mentioned facets will tell you more about KlikyBalls.


KlikyBalls are touted as one of the best desktop toys available in the market. People use it to eliminate work pressure and divert their minds from stress and worries. KlikyBalls are the best desktop toys that can come handy to wipe away job pressure. Stress and tension will never stand a chance against you while you play with the magnetic KlikyBalls that can be used without disturbing your colleagues.

Get a pack of the wonderful magnetic toys today itself. Say good-bye to stress and enjoy your leisure times in a fun filled manner!

Get The Latest Multi Purpose Klikyballs


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Do you feel bored of the monotonous work at the office? Welcome to the club. You are not the only person who gets bored with monotonous work or gets stressed about the busy schedules or targets. There are millions of them like you around the world. But, have you ever wondered how people cope with their stress, tension or boredom. Certainly, alcoholism and smoking aren’t the right solutions to cope with stress, although many of you might tend to opt for them when it is no longer possible to bear the stress.

Overcome stress with buckyballs

Perhaps, you may be hearing about buckyballs for the first time. In fact, buckyballs is not a thing. It has been there quite long. Buckyballs are magnetic spheres. Each of these magnets has two poles, one for attraction and the other for repulsion. You are supposed to align these magnets to mould shapes, designs or patterns that come up in your mind. Obviously, there is no co-relation between the act of moulding shapes and your stress. But, when you start moulding shapes with these magnets, you would focus only on it.

It helps you forget all your worries, stress and bothering thoughts. When you refocus your attention from the thoughts that bother you, you refresh your mind. When you are back into what you have been doing after each buckyballs session, you are more focused, refreshed and energetic. You will know how to proceed.

Buckyballs can help you in many ways. It is one of the best solutions to refresh your mind. It can improve your concentration. It can make you confident about yourself and your abilities, it can improve your creative intuition and finally, it can trigger your imagination.

Buckyball magnets to trigger imagination and reasoning power

Buckyballs are generally considered a good office desk toy. But, it is totally inappropriate to limit its importance to an office desk toy alone. You can call it a brilliant puzzle and an imagination booster.

Improve Your Concentration

                Durable Magnets

You can buy Buckyballs magnets and use them as a full time entertainment device for the entire family. It can entertain your wife and adult children alike.


Don’t know which buckyballs brand you should buy? Consider buying KlikyBalls. KlikyBalls are durable buckyballs, made of neodymium magnets. They come in different hues such as gold, silver, black, green, red and blue. You can use them for recreation, science projects and stress relief. A KlikyBalls set consists of 216 magnetic balls, which makes it possible to create shapes and structures of varying sizes and patterns.

Buy it as a gift for someone or use it as a stress reliever at office. It is sure to keep you busy for hours on end.

Mould Your Favourite Shapes And Patterns With Klikyballs

Magnetic Balls

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The huge popularity for magnetic balls is worth all the fuss that you hear. What are magnetic balls? Who uses them? What is the purpose of using magnetic balls?

About magnetic balls

Magnetic balls, also known as stress balls and buckyballs, were introduced as a desk toy a few years back. As you can make out from their name itself, they are magnetic spheres. You can align them in order to mould them into any of the shape or design you have in your mind.

You might wonder and ask what the purpose of moulding these magnetic spheres is. When you start moulding them into a particular shape, you will immediately realize that it is not a simple task. You will realize that you ought to pay your entire attention and creativity to mould a specific shape. It is quite possible that you fail in your first few attempts. But you would never want to give up the fun. You will not want to rest until you complete moulding a pattern with the magnetic balls.

Buckyballs are one of the most brilliant puzzles we have today. When you engage in making shapes or designs or patterns with buckyballs, your entire concentration will be drawn into it. Consequently, you will feel relaxed and away from every annoying or bothering thought you have in your mind. In fact, buckyballs are not just a puzzle but also an effective way to overcome your stress.

Can buckyballs be used as a decorative toy?

Buckyballs are used by many as decorative toys. Because you can mould buckyballs into any shape or design or pattern, it is possible to use them as a decorative toy. You can mould attractive designs using buckyballs and decor your parlour, drawing room or even bedrooms.

Buckyballs for science projects

Mould Attractive Designs

                     Magnetic Spheres

Because you can use buckyballs to mould all types of geometric shapes, they are widely used by students for their science projects. The best part is that you can reuse them after your projects. Hence, buckyballs are one of best ways to cut off the huge expense you would need for your science projects.


Presently, there are several brands that sell buckyballs. Unfortunately, most of them are made of poor quality magnetic spheres, which lose their attracting properties after a couple of uses. On the other hand, KlikyBalls are made of genuine neodymium magnetic spheres. They can last for a lifetime without losing their power of attraction.

So don’t wait, order your own set of Kliky balls today and explore the many ways in which you can make use of them. Order today!

Klikyballs- The Amazing And Versatile Construction Toys


          Using Neodymium Magnets

Of late, a product known as bucky balls is becoming seemingly popular in the market due to its stress-relieving property. Bucky balls are basically a construction toy, which, along with providing entertainment, also helps you to ease off your stress.

These stress balls are made of neodymium, which is a rare-earth magnet. Using these magnets, you can create a number of shapes and structures. The shapes can range from simple polygons to complex structures, which you can also keep as a desktop novelty in your office. Since there are no instructions involved regarding the usage of these magnets, you can start making shapes almost immediately after you purchase it. First, try making simple shapes such as triangles and as you gain experience in the craft, you can try out complex configurations. The fact is, once you realize that you are good in making such shapes, it can itself leave you a lot happier. Such is the charm of these magnets that you’d never get bored of using them.

As mentioned earlier, bucky balls can also help in alleviating your stress. You can keep on making different shapes and sizes using these amazing magnets. Now, if you’re completely stressed out and not in a mood to use them as a construction toy, grab some of them and start squeezing them in your palm. It is a proven theory that mashing magnets in your palm in such a way imparts a soothing sensation, which makes the person feel relieved. In short, you can squeeze your stress away using these strong magnets. Bucky balls are also considered as excellent geek toys. Since bucky balls can be used to create various sleek shapes, it can definitely excite your geek friend.

Geek Toys

               Benefits Of Magnets


Klikyballs are the best and the highest quality bucky balls available in the market. In a pack, you can get 216 rare-earth magnets, which possess a strong force of attraction among them. So, the shapes you create never break away. Klikyballs can also be used for educational purposes. You can try making various geometrical structures that can help your high-school going children understand the subject better. However, make sure that you keep these magnetic balls beyond the reach of toddlers in your house.

These amazing Klikyballs come in sets of different attractive colors such as Gold, Silver, Blue, and Green. So, if you are planning to buy high-quality bucky balls, I would suggest you try Klikyballs and experience its benefits!

Klikyballs – The Unique Stress Buster Toys

Neodymium Magnet Toys

      Neodymium Magnet Balls

Magnets are said to have amazing healing properties. This is also one of the reasons why magnetic therapy is considered to be an effective remedy for suppressing swelling in the body and also help with depression as well as numerous, age-related issues. Now, imagine a product that can act as an excellent stress-buster along with being an amazing construction toy. Yes, I am talking about the world-famous bucky balls.

A buckyball is made of neodymium magnet, which is a rare-earth magnet. In a pack, you can come across 216 of them, which you can use to make umpteen numbers of shapes and sizes. The shapes that you make by combining each neodymium magnet can range from simple polygons to complex configurations. Moreover, you don’t require any instructions to use this product. Buy these bucky balls, take them out of the packet and start making shapes, it is as simple as that. The strong force of attraction between each neodymium magnet ensures that the structures you make never break away.

Talking about the stress-alleviating aspects of bucky balls, it has been found that kneading them in your palm can render a soothing effect. Imagine you are coming home after a hectic workday and you’re totally exhausted. Just grab some of these buckyballs and mash them in your palm. After sometime, you would definitely feel a lot relieved. The amazing healing property of neodymium magnet makes you feel relaxed. Moreover, once you find out you’re good in creating several interesting shapes using these bucky balls, it will surely leave you a lot happier. Bucky balls are also used for educational purposes. By creating different geometrical shapes, you can make it easier for your students to learn the subject.


Neodymium Magnetic Balls

           Neodymium Magnetic Properties

If you’re looking for the best bucky balls made of neodymium magnet, Klikyballs is the perfect solution. These rare-earth magnetic balls can be used to create many interesting and complex shapes, which you can keep as a desktop novelty in your office. Each neodymium magnet in the pack has two poles- one that attracts and another one that repels. More than just being a construction toy, the high-quality Klikyballs act as amazing stress-busters, which you won’t ever get bored of using. The sets of Klikyballs come in different colors like Gold, Silver, Red, Blue, Green etc.

So, do not wait! Start using Klikyballs and experience the amazing healing powers of these magnets from today itself!

KlikyBalls! The Latest Rage In Town!

Buckeye Balls

                            Magnetic Balls

After Buckeye balls were introduced in the market as a desktop toy, they became the trend in record time! You will get hooked to it within minutes! You can create any pattern you can think of, provided you are creative enough.

Buckeye balls consist of a pack of 216 rare earth metal magnetic balls. These chrome coated neodymium balls can be used to construct intricate patterns and designs. Many websites and forums have sprung up a challenge for buckeye ball fans to create new structures and solve interesting puzzles. From absolute beginners to professionals, every person would find something suitable.

People are finding more uses for buckeye balls as we speak. Current fad is magnetic jewelry made entirely out of magnetic balls alone! These magnetic balls can be used to create unique and creative necklaces, and earring studs.

If you are a science student, you can replicate chemical and atomic structures using buckeye balls. Apart from making studies a fun activity, interactive studies ensure a level of understanding impossible to achieve from perusing the textbooks alone. Just imagine how much fun organic chemistry would be if you could replicate each chemical structure using buckeye balls and examine them with your own eyes!

If you are tired of creating stuff, buckeye balls doubles up as an excellent stress toy! These sturdy balls can handle any amount of pressure you would dare to apply with your bare hands. You will hear an audible smacking sound when you mash these balls together. Imagine carrying a never-ending bubble-wrap to play with whenever you want to!

KlikyBalls are hands down the best brand of Buckeye balls in the market. This brand uses stronger magnets made from the very best materials. You can even choose from a selection of six different colors: gold, silver, black, red, green and blue! Using different colors, you can increase the amount of detailing in your creations.

Magnetic Jewelry

                      Magnetic Ball Toys

KlikyBalls are competitively priced with a basic pack of 216 balls starting at just $29.99! There are interesting offers for hardcore buckeye ball fans who won’t be satisfied with just a single pack! If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it and get your money back (minus the transportation and handling charges), without any fuss whatsoever!

Keep KlikyBalls away from the hands of children and pets. These toys are meant for adults alone! Also, keep sensitive electronic devices away from these magnets, as KlikyBalls are extremely powerful.